All Nations Bible Church

The Good News is God truly loves you! It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Biblically, the “Gospel” means Good News.
The Gospel is good news because it saves you from eternal judgment by a Holy God.
If you’re going to pick a God, pick a good one! The God of the Bible is Holy, meaning He is perfect and always good. God created humans in His Own image with eternal souls. God also created humans with a “free-will” to choose. And when a person chooses to disobey God, whether in thought or deed, he or she sins against God. Every person who ever lived on earth, except for Jesus Christ, has sinned against God. God’s greatest commandment is every person love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Every person has fallen short of God’s glory and commandments.
Just like oil can not mix with water, a Holy perfect God can not associate with imperfections (sins) and God must judge every person to eternal punishment.
No one can work, by their own efforts, to escape the judgment of a Holy God. How then can one be saved?
The Good News is Jesus Christ, because only through Jesus Christ can one be saved from God’s eternal judgment. God knew, even from the time of Creation, that every person was going to disobey Him.
God knew He had to give His Perfect Holy Son Jesus Christ to die for people’s sin.
This is “agape” love (a self-sacrificial love)!
The Good News is if you believe in what Jesus did for you (became man, died for your sins but on the third day rose from the dead) and believe that He is your God, you will be saved from judgment and live forever in heaven with God!
This personal belief takes faith, for believing in Jesus Christ “clothes you” in righteousness. In other words, when you believe in Jesus Christ, God sees you perfect in Jesus Christ! A true believer of Jesus Christ has a “personal relationship” with God. Without Jesus Christ in your life, you can not have a relationship with God.
And because the reality of the Good News takes faith and faith without action is dead, true believers should be yielding to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
The Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ is a free gift. 
All we have to do is accept Jesus Christ into our lives!
God will reveal His Good News to every person on earth. No one will have an excuse for being judged.
Therefore, NOW is the time to accept the Good News!
Talk to God, confess your sins, and accept forgiveness through Jesus Christ!
If you had just accepted Jesus Christ as your only Savior and God, please email me at  so that I can rejoice with you and pray for you specifically!

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